Hi there, I just thought that it was about time that someone provided a bit of introspective truth about the Safeway grocery chain (which includes such brands as Vons, Pavilions, Tom Thumb, Randall's, Simon Davis, Genuardi's, Dominick's, Pak 'n' Save, Casa Ley and Carr's.) I'd like to simply speak on 2 facts about them.
  1. Who they are
  2. How much they care about you

Who they are

First of all, who they are. Who they are is an aggressive conservative/regressive operation who:
  1. Apparently supports the wars in Iraq and Afganistan (and then Turkey and Iran??)
  2. Apparently doesn't believe in the right of a woman's choice.
  3. Apparently doesn't believe in the right of gay couples to choose who they wish to marry, and thus receive equal benefits and acknowledgement of that fact under the law.
  4. Apparently believes that it's OK to spy on American citizens.
  5. .... And the list goes on.

How can I conclude this? Well, there are two ways that get to the core of this fact. And those two ways are two sides of one coin, which is which ideals they choose to support via their money; i.e. via their campaign contributions. One side of the coin is the "public" face. That which they would feel at ease discoling in press releases, speaking eloquently of how much they support their chosen candidates and chosen causes. You can find out the details of this support here

The second is the "private" face. This is the face that they would prefer to only have to expose to their family and friends. This is the face that indicates on a much deeper level their true intent. You can find out the details of this more true support here

How much Safeway cares about you

Secondly, how much they care about you. Again, this answer seems to be rooted in that which holds the most power in our capitalistic society; money.

  1. Safeway doesn't care about you simply for the fact that they choose to utilize their immense buying power (they're the 2nd largest supermarket chain in the U.S.) to support of their own bottom line rather than passing along these savings to you, their customers (someone even chose to document the fact that Safeway is more expensive than the farmer's market (which is something we've known for some time.)
  2. They don't care about you since they'd rather make you wait forever in line, wasting YOUR time and YOUR life, rather than adding a fraction of a percentage to their expenses by employing a slightly larger force of cashiers ready to take your money.


If you stand for corporate greed and Regressive ideals in politics, you stand for Safeway. However, if you stand for Progressive ideals of equality, caring and consideration, you should stand against Safeway. And if you need more information about the actions of Safeway, why not check out their Responsible Shopper Profile.

With this information at hand, I hope that you reevaluate your shopping methods to more align them with your views and the ideals you support. After all, in a society based on capitalism (not democracy) it's how you choose to spend your money that speaks the loudest. And now that you know the Safeway loves George W. Bush, is that where you'll choose to shop?